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Train Managers on Competency-Based Selection and Interviewing Skills

Train hiring managers to use structured interviews to reduce the incidence of bad hires.

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  • Barry Deutsch, Impact Hiring Solutions
  • Beverly Flaxington, Principal, The Collaborative
  • Christine Alexander, AFL Global
  • Debra Puryear, AD Talent Inc.
  • Nadia Keshavjee, Business for Social Responsibility
  • Dr. Sam Hunter, Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dr. Wendell Williams, Managing Director, ScientificSelection

Your Challenge

  • Poor hiring practices are common and costly. More than two-thirds of hiring managers have made hiring decisions they came to regret. One study by REC calculated that the cost of a single bad hiring decision at the middle management level was US$175,000.
  • Recruiters know. HR is accountable for quality of hire. They know that a well-structured interview process can improve the quality of hire and help organizations identify creative candidates.
  • Hiring managers need training. Unfortunately, nearly 45% of talent acquisition specialists said their hiring managers were not strong interviewers. McLean & Company data shows that 57% of organizations did not consider their assessment and selection processes highly effective.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • There are no shortcuts to a quality hire. A structured interview process is the most reliable way to find top talent.
  • Stop asking candidates questions that don’t help predict the type of employee they will be. Carefully define the kind of candidate you want, ask questions that matter, and know what counts as a good answer.

Impact and Result

Implement a well-structured interview process to help hiring managers:

  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Reduce the cost of bad hires
  • Identify candidates with strong creative processing skills
  • Improve the candidate experience

Research & Tools

1. Train managers on competency-based selection and interviewing skills

Improve assessment to hire better candidates.

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