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Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement Storyboard

Move from reactive engagement initiatives to integrated leadership with a focus on business results using McLean & Company’s five Engagement 3.0 insights.

Develop an Agile Talent Acquisition Strategy

There is growing recognition of the critical role that talent plays in organizational success. In fact, talent acquisition ranks as the second-most important HR service...
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Management Course Calendar

A course calendar is an effective tool for listing and describing the elements in your management development program portfolio, which potential learners can then...

Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic

Use the Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic to understand the issues that are impacting your organization's inclusivity. This tool will help you identify areas to focus on...

Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement

While traditional targets of employee engagement – retention and discretionary effort – are important, progressive companies focus engagement directly on business drivers...
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Don't Just Engage, Lead

In the new engagement paradigm, employee engagement is not a program, it’s about effective leadership practices that create a positive emotional connection between the...
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Transform the 9-Box Talent Assessment

Talent assessment is the starting point for successfully managing and developing organizational talent at all levels. The 9-box talent grid is the gold standard for...
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HR Departmental Optimization Template

Use this template to help you assess your HR department's current state and where it needs to focus optimization efforts in order to best support your organizational...

HR Department Structure Redesign Tool

There is no one right HR structure. Use this tool to assess various organizational components when redesigning the HR departmental structure.

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Employee Talent Storyboard

Talent assessment is vital to the success of talent programs such as succession planning, high potential programs, and leadership programs. Build and implement a 9-box...
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