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Our custom consulting services encompass five distinct capability areas, each delivering distinct and valuable contributions.

Consulting Services


HR Strategy

Identifying current and future state HR needs to align to organizational goals and objectives.


Identifying inequities in salary ranges and determining the cost of closing gaps.

Employee Value Proposition

Creating a realistic and compelling EVP and integrating it across the organization through strong communication methods.

Employee Engagement

Assessing current state employee engagement level and developing programs for positive employee experiences.

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Organizational Design

Organizational Health Assessment

Establishing key organizational health metrics to benchmark against and track over time.

Organizational Design

Building out a current/future state operating model to identify gaps, processes and interactions to finalize a future state organizational structure.

Job Leveling and Career Pathing

Developing a clear and defined approach to job leveling through job architecture to support internal equity while ensuring career progression is captured​.

Competency Framework Development

Developing a comprehensive competency framework with core, functional, and leadership competencies.

HR Data Analytics

Providing insight into how to best manage employees and reach business goals via data analytics.

HR Technology and Operations

Reviewing/selecting a human resource information system (HRIS) and evaluating key components of HR systems while gathering and scoring responses accordingly.

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Organizational Change Management

Change Readiness Assessment

Analyzing and evaluating whether an organization is prepared for a specific change​.

Impact Analysis

Providing analytical tools and techniques to quantify and analyze the effect of organizational decisions on key players.

Leadership Engagement

Providing leaders with the tools to be engaged in advocating for change and become change leaders.

Change Management Roadmap

Providing a high-level overview of the deliverables and milestones that need to be delivered to support organizational change.

Change Communication and Adoption

Generating and promoting a better understanding of what changes are about to happen and what organizations are working to achieve.​

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Organizational Culture Development

Organizational Values Identification and Alignment

Identifying organizational values and aligning common goals according to organization’s mission, vision, and strategy.

Identify Current Versus Desired Culture Gaps

Understanding the cultural differences that may lead to gaps in current state organizational cultural development.

Behavioral Change and Cultural Alignment

Supporting organizations in driving culture by reinforcing beliefs and behaviors that determine internal and external interactions.

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Leadership Development

Succession Planning

Providing tools and a succession planning framework to ensure an organization has the right leaders in place.

Executive Leadership Alignment

Understanding the cultural differences that may lead to gaps in current state organizational cultural development.

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Manager, Consulting Services

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Consultant, Consulting Services

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