An innovative approach to kick start strategic HR projects.

Your most pressing HR problems solved in one week.

What makes workshops better?

Over the course of three to five sessions, our expert facilitators help you tackle a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and prepare your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement McLean & Company methodologies tailored to your unique situation.



Drive measurable results at an accelerated rate



Establish group consensus and buy-in



Produce an actionable initiative roadmap

Many McLean & Company Workshops
Can Be Delivered Onsite or Online


  • You can bring your team together in one location
  • A larger group of stakeholders needs to be involved
  • Your team would best collaborate in person


  • When it's not practical to be together in one location
  • Only a few stakeholders need to be involved
  • Your team would like to collaborate from anywhere

What benefits do our workshops offer?

Whether you're looking to accelerate project timelines, implement or improve a core HR process, gain executive buy-in, or get third-party validation on a key project, McLean & Company offers workshop experiences to help you achieve a specific goal.

Launch Your Top HR Initiatives at an Accelerated Rate

Spend 3-5 online or onsite sessions with intense focus to collapse project timelines and make major project decisions.

Use our proven methodologies to get your project done quickly, strengthen internal networks, and break down silos.

Discover the wide spectrum of project and process workshops available to help advance organizational priorities.

Benefit From an Intense, Collaborative Experience

Workshop materials that have been built on industry best practices.

Work with highly rated facilitators with practical and strategic experience.

Engage your executive stakeholders through team participation, healthy debate, and decision making.

Extend your team by drawing on our analysts across a wide range of specialties.

Enjoy High Value With Standard, No-Hassle Pricing

No-hassle pricing and scoping, always a flat rate across all projects.

Gain and share expertise over a variety of short, focused engagements, instead of one longer-term consulting project.

High-value engagements not long runaway consulting projects that never end.

What our clients are saying

“Our workshop analyst’s expertise and support in planning for and conducting the focus groups were very valuable. We now have compelling insight on the issues that matter to our employees and concrete ideas about how to improve our workplace. We appreciate McLean & Company’s approach, especially their rigor, neutrality, and process.”

Audrey Seymour Ramberg
City of Mountain View

City of Mountainview

“The analyst’s assistance greatly reduced the amount of time to develop our competency framework than if we had to do it ourselves. Savings will be realized in better hires and increased retention – particularly for millennials as we use the competencies in development plans.”

Colleen Philabaum
Worthington Industries


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