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HR Strategy

Determine the Right HR Outsourcing Solution

Do more with the HR department by outsourcing HR activities to free up time for strategic projects and in-house upskilling.


Return-to-Office Playbook

Create and roll out a return-to-office policy that balances employee and organizational needs.

Talent Management

Adapt Performance Management for Teams

Align the existing performance management process with how employees work to boost the productivity, performance, and engagement of teams.

Talent Acquisition

Uncover the Employee Value Proposition

Strategically highlight organizational strengths in a compelling and realistic story to attract and retain the right talent.

Total Rewards

Create an Effective Short-Term Incentive Plan

Clearly connect behavior and results to a STIP or risk payouts being viewed as an entitlement.

Learning & Development

Navigate the Complexities of HR Facilitation

Plan and lead successful HR facilitation by preparing in advance, managing group dynamics, and guiding participants toward collaboration to achieve session objectives.

HR Technology & Operations

Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs

Demonstrate the value of HR programs including and beyond financial outcomes.