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HR Strategy

Equip Managers to Navigate the Change Management Process

Help managers effectively prepare for, communicate, and sustain changes that impact them and their team.


Flow State: A Gateway to Engagement, Performance, and Productivity

How your organization can activate the conditions for employees to achieve optimal results.

Talent Management

Headcount Planning Guide

Determine the right number of jobs and positions required to achieve organizational goals while adhering to budget constraints.

Talent Acquisition

Streamline the Internal Hiring Process

Unlock a key candidate source and facilitate internal talent recruitment by optimizing the internal hiring process.

Total Rewards

Create an Effective Short-Term Incentive Plan

Clearly connect behavior and results to a STIP or risk payouts being viewed as an entitlement.

Learning & Development

Learn and Lead Through Influence

Develop influence as a leader in your organization to achieve buy-in, align interests, and meet objectives.

HR Technology & Operations

Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio

Take protective action to build a robust HR policy portfolio and free up HR’s time.

Resource Centers

Change Management Resource Center

Discover an extensive portfolio of resources to support change management efforts.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Resource Center

Let us partner with you throughout your DEI journey with research-informed solution sets, surveys, advisory support, workshops, templates, tools, training, and practical advice from experienced DEI professionals

Employee Experience Resource Center

Identify what drives the employee experience and evaluate options for improvement.

HR Trends Resource Center

Balance the emerging trends of tomorrow with the priorities of today.

Hybrid Workplace Resource Center

Leverage resources to develop and support hybrid work programs.

Software Reviews

Choose the right software for your business using comprehensive HR technology reviews.