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Design an Employee Volunteer Program

Maximize shared value for the organization, employees, and the community through an employee-powered volunteer program.

  • A lack of leadership support, especially middle manager support, derails participation in an employee volunteer program.
  • Measuring the social impact of employee volunteer programs is difficult, as it is an abstract concept. As a result, organizations often avoid measuring impact altogether. This is a missed opportunity to demonstrate the value and many benefits of the program to fellow employees and senior leaders.

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Critical Insight

  • Employee or corporate volunteer programs are best positioned to maximize shared value when they are aligned with the organization’s priorities and harness the power of employees to drive community impact. It’s a win-win-win.

Impact and Result

  • Involve senior leaders, middle managers, and employees in program design from the start to gain support and buy-in at every level.
  • Design an employee-powered volunteer program, aligned with organizational goals, that measures success and empowers employees to champion events and causes they are passionate about.
  • Build long-term partnerships with existing and new community partners to ensure shared value.

Design an Employee Volunteer Program Research & Tools

1. Frame the employee volunteer program

Identify the design committee and program scope, then assess the current state of volunteerism and employee interest to set program goals and metrics.

2. Review and select elements

Select elements by reviewing and assessing their feasibility.

3. Operationalize the program

Determine if initiatives will be devoted to a strategic cause, identify community partners, and decide if a dedicated volunteer program manager and/or technology is required before presenting to executive sponsors.

4. Plan to iterate and implement the program

Plan the program launch and HR integration to create program parameters, communications, and recognition practices.

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Guided Implementation 1: Frame the employee volunteer program.
  • Call 1: Assess the current state of volunteerism in your organization.
  • Call 2: Determine the program scope and internal data to set program goals.

Guided Implementation 2: Review and select elements.
  • Call 1: Select elements for inclusion in the employee volunteer program.
  • Call 2: Assess the feasibility of selected elements.

Guided Implementation 3: Operationalize the program.
  • Call 1: Decide how causes and community partners will be selected and aligned with the program’s needs.
  • Call 2: Confirm other support factors required to operationalize the program (e.g. technology and program management).

Guided Implementation 4: Plan to iterate and implement the program.
  • Call 1: Plan the program launch and ongoing management accountabilities.
  • Call 2: Define customization of program resources and program communications.


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