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HR in 2024: An Era of Change

The recognition of HR’s strategic leadership has never been stronger. Yet capacity continues to be a major obstacle, and HR professionals’ stress levels have increased dramatically year over year.

There is evidence that HR is looking to data and technology to solve these and other challenges and that these efforts are leading to success, but 2024 will be a key year for HR to adapt to known and unknown changes.


Rethinking the Approach to Skills

The short shelf life of many key skills has shone a spotlight on those skills and competencies that are more durable and resilient to change. Complicating the approach is the need to account for the experiences of employees whose jobs and nature of work are fundamentally different from each other, such as office and non-office workers. For all groups, leadership skills and competencies are a key area of opportunity for investment and development.


Delivering on the Employee Experience

Employees' expectations of a great employee experience have increased in recent years, and providing a great employee experience has been a top-two organizational priority since 2022. There is a clear case for providing a positive employee experience that goes beyond one-off or “nice-to-have” initiatives. A more systematic and intentional approach is needed for organizations to improve employees' lived experiences with the organization.


Flexibility Beyond Remote Work

The return-to-office (RTO) question is far from settled. Cutting through the noise is a challenge for organizations that want to take a data-driven approach to their working arrangements.

What is clear is that many CEOs want a return to office. However, in recent years employee expectations about what organizations offer in terms of flexibility have evolved. The demand for flexible work is here to stay.

Plan for the Future

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