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Re-examining HR's Role in 2023

HR’s effectiveness and strategic partnership are stronger than ever. Though HR priorities have remained mostly static year over year, there’s an emerging need for HR to enhance their strategic skillset and monitor increasing HR stress and burnout levels.


Expanding the Employee Experience Conversation

Whether a team is remote, onsite, or hybrid is less important than curating the employee experience beyond the physical boundaries of work. With this shift in focus, an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that effectively communicates what the organization provides to employees is more important than ever.


Making Space for DEI

Organizations’ sense of urgency and focus on the long-term work required for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is on the downturn, despite the massive impact of such work. The data points to a need to refocus on governance, leadership buy-in, and strategic discussions around DEI in order to effectively continue the DEI journey.


Charting the Course to HR Digitization

HR digitization requires a customized approach in order to achieve strategic value for both HR departments and the organization. Successful HR digitization can be the differentiator between transactional HR and HR strategic business partnership. While many organizations have already reaped the benefits of HR digitization, many others are facing roadblocks on their HR digitiz­­­ation journeys.


The Struggle to Close Skill Gaps

As organizations continue to operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment we need to stop reacting to skills shortages and labor market changes and adopt a long-term mindset around skills development.

Plan for the Future

Plan for 2023 and beyond using McLean & Company’s proactive, future oriented research to prepare for the unknown, plan for future skill gaps, and more.

Identify Skills of the Future

Don't rely on a crystal ball; instead, use an iterative process to proactively identify future skills.

Prepare for External Risks

Prepare the organization’s talent for the risks of tomorrow by uncovering HR initiatives to implement today.

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace

Is a fundamental shift toward a skills-based talent sharing model using a talent marketplace platform right for your organization?