Management Fundamentals

People management is hard. Let us help your new people leaders develop foundational skills quickly with our blended learning program.

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Facilitated Sessions and Self-Paced eLearningFacilitated Sessions & Self-Paced eLearning

Facilitated Sessions and Self-Paced eLearningFirst-Time Leaders

Facilitated Sessions and Self-Paced eLearning17.5 hrs / 12 wks

Facilitated Sessions and Self-Paced eLearningCertificate


Management Fundamentals is a practical and interactive blended program grounded in our extensive research into what makes leaders successful in today's changing world.

Section 1

Team Management

  • Communicate Effectively & Build High-Performing Teams
  • Manage Performance
  • Give Feedback and Coaching

Section 2

People Development

  • Delegate and Distribute Leadership & Create Accountability
  • Navigate Difficult Conversations & Conflict
  • Provide Meaningful Recognition

Section 3

Personal Leadership

  • Master the Management Mindset
  • Build Key Resiliency Behaviors
  • Craft a Personal Leadership Brand

Management Fundamentals Program Structure

Team Management

Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 1 Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 2 Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 3

People Development

Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 4 Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 5 Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 6

Personal Leadership Development

Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 7 Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 8
Management Fundamentals Program Structure Week 9
Management Fundamentals Program Structure

Reinforce Learning With a Leadership Support Session

Make learning stick by equipping participants' leaders and company executives with a high-level understanding of the models and frameworks presented in Management Fundamentals. A one-hour eLearning module and a 90-minute facilitated session will introduce your leaders to these concepts and prepare them with a common language to support their people.

The leadership team will develop a practical action plan that they can collectively reference to support their managers' learning.

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Blended Learning

Our blended programs are a combination of eLearning, facilitated live sessions, peer discussions, and ongoing support.

Engaging eLearning modules

Engaging eLearning modules with video lectures and activities.

Engaging eLearning modules

Live online sessions with a McLean & Company facilitator.

Engaging eLearning modules

Ongoing learning reinforcements to ingrain behavior change.



I've taken away more from this training that I can apply and execute in my day to day than I have any other training I've taken. It challenged me, made me uncomfortable, and was thought provoking – all in a good way.


I found this course to be rich with useful management tools and resources. I enjoyed very much the interactive lectures, writing assignments, worksheets, and quizzes throughout. Through this course my idea of management was elevated, my perspective has been broadened, and my management style undoubtedly strengthened. I also enjoyed the conversation boards and feedback from my peers in the group and I would be interested in taking additional educational courses with your company.


I would recommend this training to any corporation looking to maintain and mature their management team.

Development Coaching

Complement the Management Fundamentals program with Leadership Development Coaching to maximize the learning and development of your Management Fundamentals participants.

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