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Identify what drives the employee experience and evaluate options for improvement.

What is employee experience?

Employee experience is the employee’s perception of their cumulative lived experiences with the organization.

These days it’s an employee’s market, and they expect an experience that fits seamlessly into their lives, including where, when, and how they work. Organizations that fail to create a desirable experience in the workplace will have greater difficulty attracting, managing, and retaining their employees, which in turn impacts the bottom line.

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Employee engagement is an outcome of the employee experience, which is all of the experiences that the employee has at the organization.

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How can you improve employee experience?

We recommend using a design thinking approach to improve the employees' lived experiences in the workplace because this problem-solving approach puts the end user — the employee — at the center. Start with the employee lifecycle and the areas within it that will have the most impact.

This resource center is designed to help you understand the ways you can collect data and feedback at key points of the employee lifecycle to prioritize areas for improvements and then to explore research to uncover potential solutions for each stage based on your results.

Start with a strategy!

It’s important to begin your employee survey journey with a strategy to ensure you are using the right survey at the right time in the right way and avoiding survey fatigue.

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McLean Employee Experience Monitor

  • Leverage the McLean Employee Experience Monitor for a low-effort, real-time update on your employee’s perception of their experience and engagement level.
  • McLean Employee Experience Monitor is an Employee Net Promoter Score question that delivers powerful feedback for leaders to address employee concerns in the moment.
McLean Employee Experience Monitor
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Design the Employee Experience
Design the Employee Experience

Find the sweet spot where employee needs and organizational strategy meet.

2022 Employee Engagement Trends Report
2023 Employee Engagement Trends Report

Insights, analysis, and benchmarking data from McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Survey from 2021 to 2022.

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