Engagement Coaching uses team engagement results from a recently completed organizational engagement survey as a foundation for the sessions. Our trained coaches work one-on-one with your leaders in a confidential environment to increase their confidence, self-awareness, and development in the ownership of their team’s engagement action plan.


Employee engagement results provide a wealth of information for managers. However, managers often don’t know how to use that information effectively to create positive team change. This coaching provides managers with the skills to facilitate an effective team discussion and the third-party support to look inward and evaluate their personal impact on their team’s engagement.

  • One-on-one discussions with a third party ensure survey results are understood, create a safe space for furthering self-awareness, and support the team discussion and action plan process.
  • Coaching sessions are scheduled at optimal intervals to provide enough time to reflect, learn, and take action, but not enough time to lose momentum.
  • Coaching exercises enhance the experience and encourage leaders to take ownership of their own development.
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Designed For

New Managers

Team Leaders

This will benefit managers at any level who have team engagement survey results and are open to uncovering ways they can become a better leader.


  • Build knowledge and skills and provide tools to effectively act on team employee engagement survey results.
  • Build leaders’ self-awareness and understanding of their impact on the team’s engagement and how to manage stakeholders.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for personal growth.
  • Change the culture around employee engagement to prioritize employee feedback and demonstrate a commitment to positive change.

Engagement Coaching Program Schedule

*Coaching program fees are billed annually.

How It Works

This virtual coaching will be offered for a minimum of ten leaders at your organization. Each leader will have three 50-minute, one-on-one sessions with a trained coach over the course of five months. Subsequent sessions can be purchased, if required. Completing the whole program again, including the Engagement Survey or replacing it with the 360 Feedback assessment in year two, is recommended.

This coaching will be offered as an add-on to clients who have completed an engagement survey and are interested in manager development. Results from engagement surveys other than McLean & Company’s survey can be used, but the manager must have team-level results.

Help your leaders gain the skills and self-awareness they need to make a measurable difference on their team’s engagement.

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