Harness the Power of a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Your mindset is a very powerful thing, but the good news is that it’s malleable. Having a dynamic learning mindset (DLM) means understanding that development takes time and effort, while a fixed mindset means you believe you can only go as far as your inherent capabilities will take you. Those who employ a dynamic learning mindset are more likely to overcome challenges, look for development opportunities, and achieve their goals. Moving away from a fixed mindset and toward a dynamic learning mindset is a continuous and active process. But with practice, you can shift your thinking and behaviors to nurture growth and resilience. In this video you will:

  • Learn how Carol Dweck’s research led her to discover that ability is not determined by genetics but instead by your mindset.
  • Understand the tenets of a DLM – learning from success and failure, being open to feedback, managing change, being committed to growth, and valuing cumulative efforts.
  • See how you can foster a DLM every day.

Looking for more? Check out McLean & Company’s Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset blueprint.

Featured Speaker

Jennifer Rozon

Division President
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