Employee Retention Pulse Survey

Whether you're looking for insights into typical turnover or navigating the Great Resignation, this survey is designed to help HR identify warning signs for regrettable turnover.

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Identify the early signs of employee turnover and develop your talent retention strategy.

HR Departments spend more time on talent acquisition than any other activity. But despite the effort invested in attracting and developing new employees, the demand on recruitment is only growing, year over year.


Simply put: Employees aren't staying.

What would it mean to you, your time, and your bottom-line, if you could learn how likely your employees were to leave before it actually happened?

The Employee Retention Pulse Survey gives you incredible insight into the warning signs of employee turnover so you can take proactive steps to assess and address issues before they grow out of control.

By honing in on best practices for employee engagement and retention, you will be able to focus your time and energy on talent retention strategies that drive real results.

HR time distribution across activities

Average distribution of HR's time across activities. Talent Acquisition already places the largest demand on HR Departments' time, yet this demand continues to rise year over year. (2021 n=495, 2022 n=405).

The Employee Retention Pulse Survey Helps You:


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Uncover areas of the organization that are at greatest risk of regrettable turnover.


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Create a proactive action plan to retain top talent.


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Most importantly, show employees you want them to stay at the organization.

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