Help new people managers quickly excel with this practical, interactive, and impactful program, grounded in McLean & Company’s extensive research into what makes leaders successful in today’s changing world.

Our "learning by practicing" approach incorporates activities designed to help managers:

Program Overview

Management Fundamentals is a research-informed program for managers that introduces participants to the basics of successful people management.

Session 1

Team Management

  • Foundations of Successful Management
  • Communicate Effectively & Build High-Performing Teams
  • Manage Performance
  • Give Feedback and Coaching

Session 2

People Development

  • Delegate and Distribute Leadership
  • Create a Culture of Personal Accountability
  • Navigate Difficult Conversations & Conflict
  • Provide Meaningful Recognition

Session 3

Personal Leadership

  • Master the Management Mindset​
  • Build Key Resiliency Behaviors​
  • Craft a Personal Leadership Brand
  • Create an Action Plan

We work with our members
to find the best delivery solution.

Options include:

Optional Add-On:

Leadership Support

Enhance the Management Fundamentals program with an optional session geared towards assisting the leadership team in sustaining learning, assigning accountability, and managing expectations for Management Fundamentals participants.

Leaders will participate in guided discussions to introduce the core Management Fundamentals concepts, allowing them to support people leaders who have participated in the Management Fundamentals training program.

Review key concepts:

  • Coaching and Providing Feedback
  • Expectations for Managers
  • Modeling Key Behaviors
  • Supporting and Measuring Key Behaviors
  • Discussing Barriers to Change
  • Discussing Emphasis Points for Managers
  • Completing a Personal Action Plan

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