360 Feedback

Employees are requesting more development than ever before. A 360 Feedback assessment provides employees with a multifaceted view of their development across key competencies.

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Multi-rater feedback provides employees with a holistic perspective on their behaviors in key competencies and empowers them to prioritize their development goals.

The McLean & Company 360 Feedback assessment provides an easy-to-use, customizable solution to rate the essential competencies required to achieve organizational goals and remain competitive.

Why use our 360?

  • Configurable in multiple languages
  • Largely employee-driven to reduce burden on administration
  • Extremely customizable, economical, and scalable
  • Confidential feedback reports encourage candid responses
  • Obtain quantitative ratings and qualitative recommendations
  • Supported with best-practice research, templates, and tools


  • Help participants identify strengths and development opportunities.
  • Provide participants with a variety of perspectives on their competencies and behaviors.
  • Foster a culture of open and honest communication throughout the entire organization.
  • Give employees the opportunity to take ownership of their own development.
Blind Spots, Competency Scores, Definitions and Calculations

McLean & Company’s 360 Feedback assessment includes a list of 10 core competencies presented in McLean & Company’s Develop a Competency Framework solution set.

You can add and customize core, functional, and job-specific competencies with proficiency levels to suit roles in your organization.

Develop a Competency Framework
McLean Exit Survey Experience Scores and Primary Reason for Leaving
360 Feedback assessment

A well-designed 360 Feedback assessment process is a critical building block of an organization’s talent development strategy.

Design a 360 Feedback assessment process to gain further insights on how multi-rater feedback can optimize employee development and help them achieve greater levels of proficiency with competencies that drive organizational performance.

Design a 360 Feedback Process