Get It Right From the Start

Ensure your recruiting and onboarding programs are effective, or risk losing top talent to disengagement. Using the fresh perspective of new employees, identify both effective and ineffective organizational practices and critical factors that impact long-term employee engagement and performance.

Survey Participation By Department

Evaluate the Overall Hiring and Onboarding Programs

Acquire employee feedback starting from the moment candidates first interact with your organization until they settle into their new role.

Recruiting Efforts

Find out if your job marketing efforts are successful, which paths your candidates took to find you, and whether your company is maintaining an attractive profile.

Interviewing Process

Ensure candidates experience an organized, professional, and ethical process that accurately sets their expectations for the job.

Onboarding Process

Make sure your new hires are being trained and integrated into their teams effectively.

Organizational Culture

Determine if your culture is welcoming and inclusive. You need to know if new hires enjoy the environment you have to offer.

Survey Features

HRIS Automation

Automatically upload survey participants by sending data directly from your HRIS to the McLean Connect survey portal through a secure SFTP connection.


Launch the survey and download results at any time from our McLean Connect portal, with expert analyst support throughout the execution and data analysis phases.


Send the survey to as many employees as needed and track the demographics that are important to you.


Our advisors help you identify and understand factors contributing to employee departure and what you can do about them.


For a broader view of the impact of talent retention efforts evaluate aggregated results over time and compare with benchmarks.


Combine our Employee Engagement Program, New Hire Survey, and Employee Exit Survey for critical insight across the employee lifecycle.

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Make the Most of Your Results

Discuss your survey results with a McLean & Company advisor to identify opportunities for improvement and make impactful changes to your organization.

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