Employee Exit Survey

Address Issues Leading to Employee Departure

Understanding why people leave your organization is crucial to making employees want to stay for the long run. People leave for a wide range of reasons, and some of these reasons are entirely resolvable on your organization’s part. McLean & Company’s Exit Survey can be used as a standalone or complement the exit interview. This allows departing employees to provide feedback on key factors that impact long-term employee engagement and performance success.

Discover more about:

  • Job factors - Uncover whether recognition, training, tasks, peers, or stress contribute to employee departure.
  • Compensation and competitive intelligence - Discover if employees leave to find a better deal, what that deal is, and where they found it.
  • Manager factors - As the saying goes, “People leave managers, not jobs.” Find out if your managers are effectively managing, leading, and coaching.
  • Organizational factors - Does your organization build employee confidence? Your company vision, perception of senior management, and company culture continually build your internal brand.
  • Uncover the truth - A short questionnaire administered to departing employees can provide you with insight into areas leading to regrettable employee departure.
Employee Exit Survey

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Find out if:

  • Employees are leaving for more money or benefits.
  • Employees are unchallenged or see limited opportunities in your organization.
  • Employees are disillusioned or dissatisfied with their managers.
  • Employees are being drawn away by direct competitors.
  • There are overall trends in why people are leaving.

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How to Make the Most of Your Results

  • All you have to do is request the survey. We take care of the logistics, reporting, and analysis.
  • Send the Employee Exit Survey link to every departing employee in your organization.
  • Request a custom report of the results every 6 months. We generate reports if there are three or more respondents.
  • Discuss the findings and opportunities for improvement with an analyst. Use our research to make improvements in your organization based on the insight you've gained from your custom consultation.
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