Employee Engagement Program

Engagement is everything. Explore and address one of the most important measures for employees at work.

Go beyond job satisfaction to find out what drives a positive employee experience.

Our Employee Engagement Program focuses on three key areas that make up an employee's overall engagement: their organizational, job, and individual drivers.

McLean & Company's Employee Engagement model measures drivers of engagement across three areas: organizational, job, and the individual.

Engaged Employees
Do What’s Best
for the Organization.

They're more likely to innovate on product/service improvement, provide exceptional service to customers, consistently exceed performance expectations, and make efficient use of their time and resources.

The results are happy customers, better products/services, and saved business costs. McLean & Company's Employee Engagement Program is designed to help you improve engagement to achieve these benefits – not just measure it.

Satisfied and engaged employee behaviors

Engagement and satisfaction show up very differently in employee behaviors.

Action Planning
Supported by
Best-Practice Research.

We offer practical resources developed by subject matter experts across HR's core areas, from Talent Acquisition to Leadership Development, HR Technology to Compensation. Your engagement survey results don't just exist on a platform. We have the project plans and tools to help you develop the programs your employees are asking for.

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McLean Connect Dashboard
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McLean Connect Dashboard.

Using our interactive dashboard, you can create your own views of survey results to examine engagement from different angles. Apply and build on demographic filters to zoom in on trouble areas.

Engagement report cover example
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Generate Your Own Reports.

With McLean Connect, you can easily generate survey reports whenever and however you need them. No need to stress if you remember last minute that you need an Engagement report – simply log in, select your desired filters, and generate the report in a few clicks. McLean Connect makes it simple and hassle-free to get the data you need, exactly when you need it.

Text Analysis
Text Analysis Icon
Text Analysis.

We don't leave you with a bunch of data to sift through and interpret. Our analysts provide curated insights using AI-informed findings. To analyze qualitative survey responses, we use software equipped with natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to process unstructured text and find meaning and understanding.

Sentiment Icon
Multiple Languages.

The Connect dashboard is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Finnish, and the Engagement survey is currently available in 30+ languages to help you reach your global employee base.

Full-Service Icon
Full-Service Administration.

Our Engagement program is more than a tool; it's a team. You'll be working with real people. Every Engagement survey is assigned a project manager and advisor who will work with you throughout your survey and results interpretation.

Delivery Icon
Multiple Delivery Methods.

Our surveys can be distributed by email and kiosk so you can reach employees in different locations with varying access to technology.

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McLean & Company launches hundreds of engagement surveys each year, surveying employees in more than 30 languages and over 75 countries across the globe.

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Our project manager was very responsive throughout the whole process and was instrumental in getting our survey out on time. Timelines and deadlines were followed completely, and communication was always clear. Very happy with the whole experience.

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Excellent communication from our McLean partners and thorough instructions related to timelines and tasks. Our project manager is a rockstar and we love working with them!

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The team of our account manager and project manager were the best part of my experience. They were so attentive, responsive, and willing to help with any and all of our questions throughout the entire process. I look forward to working with our project manager again.

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Very helpful having the questions already created, the results formatted in an easy to read and interpret way, and the short amount of time it took from beginning to end.

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The best part of the experience was working with our project manager. She is extremely patient and knowledgeable on the engagement survey information. She showed a willingness to jump on the phone to answer questions as well as responded immediately to email. She is very supportive and understands the true meaning of customer service which is rare these days.

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Using this service was new for me and therefore I had a huge learning curve. I appreciated all of the advice and support I received throughout the process. Our project manager was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. I could always count on her to follow through. She was a delight to work with, and I felt lucky to have had her in my corner.

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The survey results debrief was very insightful. It helped us to understand the survey results and possible reasons why employees responded the way they did. It also helped us to identify where we need to focus for the focus group discussion. Great conversation and support.

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About Your Employee Engagement Survey

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. For more information, be sure to connect with your Account Manager.

Yes. We can provide a generic or industry-specific benchmark for a number of industries. Speak to your project coordinator to find out more.

Yes. We never buy or sell data and will always work with you to ensure your data is secure. We proudly have the following security certifications:

Data Security and Protection

Our engagement survey asks questions across a combination of organizational, job, and individual driver categories to get a full measure of employee engagement levels.

Our response rate is 80%. We achieve this average by encouraging and supporting pre-survey communication strategies, creative problem solving, and automated email reminders.

Our project management and advisory teams are there to help you from start to finish. A typical engagement survey project follows a workflow that covers everything from defining the strategy to implementing action plans from the results.

You will be assigned a dedicated project coordinator and advisor to guide you every step of the way. Support is guaranteed Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time. However, we do our best to respond to urgent inquiries outside of these hours.

Yes. Your project support team will work with you to define the most important demographics you need to report on, such as location, department, leadership level, country, and so on.

Yes. If the appropriate demographics are provided, leaders can view their area results. Work with your project manager to ensure you're tracking the information you need.

Yes. The survey is available in 30+ languages.

The standard Engagement survey is included in most McLean & Company memberships. Contact your account manager to find out more.

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