Employee Engagement Program

Don't Just Measure Engagement. Improve It.

Identify opportunities for your organization to improve engagement and get the most out of your valuable workforce.

Engaged employees do what’s best for the organization: they come up with product/service improvements, provide exceptional service to customers, consistently exceed performance expectations, and make efficient use of their time and resources. The result is happy customers, better products/services, and saved costs. McLean & Company’s program is designed to help you improve engagement, not just measure it. If you're interested in developing and maintaining a high performance culture, this is the best way to do it. Customized to you, data-driven, objective and actionable.

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Benefits of Employee Engagement Program

McLean & Company takes you through all the steps required to effectively act on employee feedback and improve engagement.

  • Survey data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Specialized segmentation
  • Action planning advice and presentation of results by an Analyst
  • Access to our research to help you implement change initiatives
  • Unlimited 1:1 phone calls with Analysts to work through engagement initiatives
Satisfied employees provide average performance. Engaged employees perform optimally.

Employee Engagement Survey Reporting

Overall Engagement Results

Overall Engagement Results


A report that provides an overall breakdown of your organization’s engagement results and engagement driver results.

You Get:

  • A clear breakdown of employee engagement results by demographic
  • Engagement Question Scores
  • Engagement Driver Scores


Organizations with strong employee engagement are more productive. Rather than guessing how engaged your employees are, get a comprehensive view of your organization’s engagement levels.

So You Can:

  • Take a deeper look at engagement levels across the organization
  • Diagnose specific areas of focus
  • Compare results year over year to measure improvements

Priority Matrix and Driver Scores


By correlating engagement scores with driver scores the Priority Matrix identifies which drivers have the greatest impact on your organization’s engagement levels.

You Get:

  • A priority matrix specific to your organization
  • A breakdown of question scores by priority matrix quadrant
  • Driver scores year over year


Focus on the drivers that will really make a difference on your organization’s engagement levels

So You Can:

  • Actually see improvements to both the driver scores, and engagement
  • Leverage drivers that are already doing well as a foundation to build upon
  • Know what not to focus your effort on – not all engagement drivers will have a high impact on engagement

Results Breakdown

Department & Location Results


A report that provides a breakdown of engagement results for each demographic.

You Get:

  • A clear breakdown of employee engagement results by demographic
  • High performing areas and opportunities for improvement


Breaks down the overall engagement results to the department or location level.

So You Can:

  • Action plan by identifying their specific engagement strengths and opportunities.

Manager Results


A breakdown of results for managers with sufficiently large staff.

You Get:

  • A clear breakdown of employee engagement results for each manager
  • An overview of how each driver scored
  • Top scoring and bottom scoring survey questions


Results specific to each manager provides key engagement metrics for managers with a sufficient employee count.

So You Can:

  • Action plan right down to the manager level
  • Recognize managers who are doing the right things to engage their employees
  • Help managers who aren’t using successful engagement practices
  • Empower managers to take responsibility for their team’s engagement

Don’t just measure your Employee Engagement.
Improve it by action planning.

Use our four phase approach:

Phase 1:

Communicate & Understand Results

  • Communicate to management
  • Communicate to employees

Phase 2:

Solicit Staff Feedback

  • Solicit staff input on priority drivers and generate ideas for improvement

Phase 3:

Develop Action Plans

  • Executives and HR review, assess, and compare ideas
  • Document project plan for implementation

Phase 4

Implement Action Plans

  • Roll out chosen initiatives
  • Communicate initiatives and timelines

McLean and Company can guide you through these phases.
Through analyst calls and research based solution sets, we can provide advice each step along the way.

Need more help?

Take your engagement results to the next level
with McLean & Company’s facilitated Employee Engagement Action Planning Workshop.

Dig deeper to get your employees’ perspectives on what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve it. After we facilitate focus groups to gather employee feedback, we’ll work with your HR team and the greater executive team to build action plans that are meaningful to your employee’s engagement. We’ll come onsite and be hands on with you.

Our Employee Engagement Action Planning Workshop can help you:

  • Prioritize engagement drivers using survey results to focus change initiatives on impactful areas
  • Lead effective brainstorming sessions with staff to involve employees in the change process
  • Select quick fixes and long-term initiatives to implement
  • Gain approval, assign accountability and develop a project and communication plan for all initiatives
  • Identify your post-survey engagement plan: timelines, next steps, accountabilities, and responsibilities for at least 3 significant initiatives and unlimited quick-wins

Customize a workshop to meet your needs using our modular approach:

1. Understand & Prioritize
  • Present engagement survey results to your executive team and prioritize engagement drivers for action planning
2. Participate
  • Facilitate focus groups to gather employee feedback
3. Action Plan
  • Facilitate an action planning meeting with your executives to prioritize employee initiatives and build an action plan to improve employee engagement
4. Communicate
  • Work with you to identify key communication messages and build a communication plan

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