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Webinar: Don't Lose Great Women To The Great Resignation

It comes as no surprise that organizations who leverage diversity, including gender diversity, have a competitive advantage in terms of growth, innovation, and productivity. That said, the past 18 months have both revealed and heightened barriers for working women in particular. Statistics show that the pandemic disproportionately impacted women’s participation in the workforce. As organizations navigate the Great Resignation, it will be critical to address barriers to inclusion, pay equity, and career opportunities or risk losing women at all levels of the organization.

Our featured speakers will discuss:
- Barriers to women's inclusion at all levels of workplaces/organizations.
- Practical actions that can be taken to remove barriers for women in the workplace to improve inclusion, retention, and career progression.
- Their personal career journeys as well as tips for aspiring and current women leaders to advance their careers.

Featured Speaker

Jennifer Rozon

Division President
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