HR Trends Report for 2023

Author(s): James Kim, Grace Ewles, William Howard

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Explore the trends that will influence HR in 2023 and beyond as determined by over 1,000 human resources and business professionals in McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report 2023.

  • Discover the five trends defining HR’s path in 2023: Re-Examining HR’s Role in 2023, Expanding the Employee Experience Conversation, Making Space for DEI, Charting the Course to HR Digitization, and The Struggle to Close Skill Gaps.
  • Understand where best to use limited resources by using the data and analysis from McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report 2023 to inform your HR strategic plan in areas like recruiting, learning and development, technology, and more.
  • Understand which HR practices and trends have the biggest impact on organizational performance, workforce productivity, HR effectiveness, and more.


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