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Business Acumen for HR Professionals

Clarify what it means to have business acumen as an HR professional.

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  • Terri Carlson, Executive Director for Nutrition and Food Service, Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Mark Coulter, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, ABC Group
  • David C Forman, Author and President of Sage Learning Systems, Adjunct Professor
  • Joan Hill, President, Core Consulting
  • Matt Hopkins, Director, HR & Client Services, TTC
  • Ashley Miller, Manager Research Products, SHRM
  • Christine Miners, Managing Director, Talent Management, Verity International Limited
  • Jeffrey O’Leary, Contract Consultant for Learning Development & Instructional Services, Canadian Marketing Association
  • Laura Ribadeneira, Director, HR Research & Advisory Services, McLean & Company
  • Heather Sheehan, Managing Partner, Performance Pros
  • Tammy Van Eck, HR Business Consultant, Van Eck Consulting

  • A shift in role has caused a gap in skills for HR’s business acumen.
  • HR is seen as a critical partner, but a lack of business acumen stifles their impact.
  • Having business acumen will help HR be seen as a strategic partner.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

There is a sweet spot between understanding the fundamentals, your stakeholders’ needs, and applying critical thinking to align and engage with the organization.

Impact and Result

  • HR is now equipped with the skills and tactics to continue their journey as a strategic business partner where they act as a catalyst for organizational goals and objectives.
  • Stakeholder expectations and relationships are top of mind and HR’s effectiveness will increase.
  • HR will make the shift from partner to anticipator by applying critical thinking.

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Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

Call #1 - Train HR on the foundational knowledge required to align to organizational goals and engage with stakeholders.