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How to Be a Successful Change Champion

Help change champions succeed in their role in change management and sustainment.

  • As the face of the change, change champions are front and center before, during, and after an organizational change. They are expected to be advocates, liaisons, and information hubs.
  • Even though change champions are selected for their skill set, they still need support and clarity to know what’s expected of them, how to succeed in their role, and where they fit into the broader change management network.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • To maximize a change champion’s ability to influence the success of a change, they need to clearly understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Change champions should be able to recognize and respond to different change reactions across their stakeholder network and communicate key messages about the change.
  • Change champions must also be able to use the art of influence and role modelling to influence key stakeholders in ways that support change adoption and sustainment.

Impact and Result

  • This interactive role guide clearly outlines change champions’ roles and responsibilities and contextualizes their importance within the larger change management project.
  • The role guide provides change champions with strategies for recognizing and responding to different change reactions, prioritizing stakeholders in their network, using the art of influence and role modelling to influence key stakeholders, and communicate and adapt key change messages.
  • The role guide is accompanied by optional activities to help change champions apply insights from the role guide to a current or future change, reinforcing and deepening their learning experience.

How to Be a Successful Change Champion Research & Tools

1. Equip change champions for success

Help change champions succeed in their role in change management and sustainment with this interactive role guide.

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