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Equip Managers to Maintain Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World

Train managers to build, maintain, and rebuild engagement in a hybrid world with their direct reports and teams using trust-building, communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

  • Engagement is a key factor in employee performance, growth and development, retention, and team performance.
  • Hybrid work arrangements come with unique benefits as well as unique challenges to building and maintaining engagement with individual employees and across teams.
  • People managers are a key factor in employee engagement and organizations need to support their people managers in navigating these unique challenges.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Engagement is a spectrum, not an on-off switch. It naturally fluctuates, but when people managers stay connected to their direct reports and their team, they can anticipate and identify changes in engagement.
  • People managers need to be able to support employees as they navigate the professional, interpersonal, and personal challenges that come with hybrid work arrangements.
  • Engagement requires both short-term attention and long-term investment. People managers need to build trust and communication over time as well as the ability to have conversations to address a change in engagement.

Impact and Result

  • When individual employees are engaged, they are energized, passionate, and dedicated to their work. Engaged employees are more involved with the organization and consistently exceed performance requirements. They are more interested in helping others and recommending opportunities for improvement. Engaged employees have a greater sense of pride and purpose in their work and are more likely to stay with the organization.
  • As a team’s overall engagement increases, so too does innovation, collaboration, and team performance.
  • For people managers, learning how to build and maintain engagement enhances several core competencies that benefit them and the organization, including: relationship-building, teamwork and collaboration, communication, influence, emotional intelligence, people leadership, and culture management.

Equip Managers to Maintain Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World Research & Tools

1. Equip managers to maintain employee engagement in a hybrid world

Prepare managers to maintain and build engagement in a world of hybrid and remote work arrangements.

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