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Manage Teams to Drive Results

Leaders can learn tactical strategies to navigate through goal setting, disengagement, and handling complex performance management issues across their portfolio.

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Managing and understanding the layers of expectations that exist when determining broad organizational goals and how they trickle into team and individual goals is no straightforward task. Leaders of leaders face immense pressure to achieve portfolio goals while balancing workloads, development needs, and the engagement of their teams. Often while busy with day-to-day tasks, leaders of leaders sometimes are not able to give their full attention to managing the talent within all levels of their portfolio. However, failing to see signs of poor performance on their team can impact goal achievement and overall portfolio performance.

So, knowing the complexities on leaders’ plates, how can they keep managing team dynamics on their radar?

Through the highs and lows, leaders need to take accountability of their team’s performance, to address performance and behavioral issues. To do this, they need to make a plan to address performance issues, coaching frontline leaders through performance processes, and prioritize engagement. In doing this, they will create a culture of development and growth in their teams. To facilitate this crucial skillset, HR needs to provide tactical solutions to leaders that will include sample phrasing to use in challenging performance situations, ideas to help them pivot goals, and ideas to recognize their team members over time.

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Empower leaders to prioritize performance across their portfolio by addressing challenging behaviors promptly and staying on top of fluxes in organizational direction – all while encouraging leaders to support frontline managers in building these skills too.

Impact and Result

  • Use this learning resource to help leaders keep talent management practices front of mind as they plan individual goals and drive the performance needed to reach combined portfolio goals.
  • Coach their frontline managers to trickle performance management strategies down to frontline staff to help them achieve their goals.
  • Cascade hefty organizational goals down and build buy-in by openly communicating the direction and understanding the support their team members will need to achieve the goals.
  • Lead through complex organizational, behavioral, and interpersonal challenges to minimize impact to the team’s performance.
  • Consciously build time for engagement, rewards, and recognition to promote desired performance.

Manage Teams to Drive Results Research & Tools

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Support leaders of leaders to help them confidently address talent management on their teams and meet their portfolio goals.

2. Manage Teams to Drive Results Guide

Share these resources with leaders of leaders to help them confidently address talent management on their teams and meet their portfolio goals.

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  • Stephen Jochum, Director of Clinical Services, WellSpan Health
  • Dhanirum Ramnath, Sr. Specialist, Leadership & Learning, Great Canadian Entertainment
  • Audrey Simmons, Executive Coach, Team of Greats
  • Sandro Vagnini, Director of Behavioral Health, Henry Ford Health

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