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Define a Leadership Identity

Reflect on your competencies, differentiators, and values using a leadership brand framework.

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  • All managers have leadership identities, but not all managers have had the opportunity to deeply reflect on who they are as leaders. Regardless of whether leaders are conscious of their identities, others are reacting to them every day. If leaders’ identities are not aligned with their unique leadership qualities, experiences, and values, they run the risk of appearing inauthentic or untrustworthy.
  • Communicating and living one’s leadership identity takes practice. Leaders who are not equipped with knowledge to convey their identity to a variety of audiences and evolve their leadership identity over time jeopardize their reputation and miss out on important leadership opportunities.

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Critical Insight

  • Taking the time to define one’s leadership identity provides a path for personal development and encourages self-awareness while allowing leaders to establish greater reach and gain clarity around career direction and goals.
  • Defining their leadership identities also provides leaders with the opportunity to develop their communication skills and facilitate strong professional relationships.

Impact and Result

  • Leaders must engage in the process of defining their leadership identity in order to develop an impactful identity that aligns with their leadership values and appeals to key players.
  • Leaders need to craft an authentic identity statement and practice communicating it so that they feel comfortable and prepared to share their leadership identity with diverse audiences.
  • Leaders also need to be guided in how to move beyond an identity statement and authentically live their leadership identity in their day-to-day lives.

Define a Leadership Identity Research & Tools

1. Define a leadership identity

Help leaders define an authentic leadership identity by reflecting on their unique competencies, differentiators, and values.

2. Evolve your leadership identity

Use this tool to help leaders over time to grow in their role and to note how their priorities, behaviors, and mindset have evolved in their role. They can document what traits they want to exemplify and what their identity looks like as they present themselves to others.

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