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Navigate Team Dynamics

Effectively guide your team through each stage of the team lifecycle.

  • Although teams are present in almost all organizations, many are not operating effectively.
  • Teams must effectively navigate the team lifecycle to achieve high performance. It is the team leader’s responsibility to direct the team through this tumultuous time.
  • Unfortunately, many team leaders do not focus enough on guiding the team through the team lifecycle, resulting in poor team dynamics and mediocre team performance.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The team lifecycle is not a straight path; it is iterative. Teams will move backward and forward through the stages as the team experiences change.
  • The value of a team is dependent on the team leader’s ability to guide the team through the four phases of the team lifecycle to create an effective team environment.

Impact and Result

  • Gain the knowledge and ability to create effective teams that have a tangible and visible effect on the bottom line of the organization.
  • Foster essential career skills:
    • Develop managers to become effective team leaders.
    • Develop employees to become impactful and active team participants.

Navigate Team Dynamics

1. Train managers to navigate team dynamics

Train managers to effectively guide their team through each stage of the team lifecycle.

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  • Call #1 - Train managers to effectively guide their team through each stage of the team lifecycle.


  • Alasdair T. Campbell Jr., Vice-President, Financial Industry
  • Alasdair T. Campbell Sr., HR Consultant
  • Elaine Crowlet, Executive Coach & OD Consultant
  • Rick Highsmith, President, Quality Team Building LLC
  • Johanne Landry, Services Conseils
  • Leon Noone, Principal Consultant, Noone Self Instruction System
  • Maxine Sesula, HR Manager, Cutting Inc.