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Equip Managers to Improve Engagement Action Planning

Improve employee engagement while increasing management bench strength.

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  • Melodie Barnett, Managing Partner and Change Communicator, Pivot Communication Inc.
  • Dr. Kyle Lundby, Ph.D., Principal, Global Aspect Human Capital Advisors
  • Fadel Matta, Assistant Professor, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
  • B. McLaughlin, former Management Consultant
  • Vince Molinaro, Principal and National Practice Lead – Organizational Solutions, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions
  • Linda Stewart, CEO, Interaction Associates
  • HR is often assessed on engagement survey scores but has little control over the leadership behaviors that drive engagement results.
  • Targeting actions at employee happiness or satisfaction will not necessarily improve employee engagement, and only engagement will drive sustainable business results.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Only once leaders comprehend the difference between satisfaction and engagement can they truly appreciate the value that employee engagement can bring to their organization.
  • Equip managers to improve engagement action planning by helping them:
    • Understand what engagement is and why it matters for organizational success.
    • Understand the process for engagement survey results, including the manager’s role in communication and action planning.
    • Review and interpret their team’s engagement survey results.
    • Learn how to take action on engagement results.
    • Learn how to become a more engaging manager.

Impact and Result

  • Apply the three most important actions to improve employee trust and therefore engagement: inform employees of the why behind decisions, interact with them on a personal level, and involve them in decisions that affect them (McLean & Company’s 3i model).
  • Generate an environment where the daily actions of leaders engage their teams, creating a positive impact on culture, company potential, empowerment, and rewards and recognition.
  • See an improvement in direct business drivers such as agility, cost, quality, and revenue.

Research & Tools

1. Equip managers to improve engagement action planning

Improve employee engagement while increasing management bench strength.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

Call #1 - Discuss the training material and how to customize it with organization-specific processes.