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Delegate and Build Accountability

Learn how to delegate tasks and build accountability with employees through the Informed Trust Model.

  • As a manager, it can be challenging to decide how to effectively delegate or distribute leadership based on the employee capability and the outcome risk.
  • Leaders often struggle with coaching employees away from blames and excuses and toward taking accountability.
  • The inability to take accountability is often due to a lack of knowledge but also to a lack of will.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Accountability is naturally associated with consequences, both positive and negative, but should be an avenue to foster positive relationships, develop key competencies, and create an environment focused around learning.
  • Managers can increase employee empowerment by working towards better delegation and building accountability, which in turn will lead to better retention rates.

Impact and Result

  • Help leaders adopt an informed approach to delegate and distribute leadership with a comprehensive overview of each component of the Informed Trust Model: Assess, Give, and Verify.
  • Managers will understand how to empower their employees to take success into their own hands and take accountability for their results.
  • Managers will learn how to coach away from a mindset of blame and toward one of accountability.

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