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The Emerging Leaders' Guide for Time Management

Help emerging leaders excel in managing their time effectively, prioritizing strategically and curbing procrastination.

Emerging leaders must balance new responsibilities with existing ones, often challenging their time management skills. Key to their success is their ability to strategically prioritize tasks, proactively curb procrastination, and incorporate advanced time management skills into their everyday habits. Doing so not only enables them to manage their own workload but also positions them to share best practices with peers, communicate challenges with managers, and foster their leadership capability.

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Critical Insight

Human Resources teams are key in developing emerging leaders within organizations. By providing resources that allow emerging leaders to assess the root causes for their time management challenges and actionable strategies to overcome them, HR enables them to improve both their task management and leadership skills.

Impact and Result

Help emerging leaders:

  • Learn techniques for effective time management, enabling leaders to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve strategic prioritization of tasks, ensuring critical projects are addressed first, thus enhancing overall productivity.
  • Enact strategies to overcome procrastination, leading to more consistent progress and achievement of goals.
  • Encourage reflection on the root causes of time management challenges, fostering greater self-awareness and personal development.
  • Enhance skills in effective resource planning to ensure optimal allocation of capabilities and time resources.

The Emerging Leaders' Guide for Time Management Research & Tools

1. For HR use

Help emerging leaders develop their skills to manage time effectively, increase their efficiency in tackling everyday challenges, and enhance their leadership potential.

2. The Emerging Leaders’ Guide for Time Management

Share this resource with emerging leaders to help them develop their time management skills.

3. Tools to support emerging leaders

Distribute the self-assessment tool to help emerging leaders determine their root causes for prioritization and procrastination challenges and the self-nudges infographic to help them create their own self-nudges to manage time more effectively.

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