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Data Literacy for HR Professionals

Build data literacy within the HR function

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  • Néstor Ares, HRD Analytics & Processes Unit Chief, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Nadia Bifolchi, Statistical Analyst, McLean & Company
  • Luc Bourgeois, Consultant, HR Analytics & Reporting, TELUS
  • Matt Burns, Chief Human Resources Officer, JYSK
  • Ethan Burris, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
  • Henrique Hon, MBA, M.Eng., Research Assistant, Diversity Institute, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Juan Carlos Cabanillas Leon, Team Lead HR Effectiveness, Reporting & Analytics, Suncor Energy
  • Roland Merbis, Director, Customer Insights & Analytics, Scotiabank
  • Demitra Petrakis, Data & Reporting Analyst, Talent Analytics, Global Human Resources, Scotiabank
  • Nancy Slawski, Senior Manager, Leadership Planning, Global HR, Scotiabank
  • Organizations are still relying on intuition and experience to make decisions about the workforce, not data.
  • HR professionals are challenged to read and interpret scorecards, dashboards, and other data tools provided to them.
  • HR professionals struggle to tell a story with data in a way that leads clients to action.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Data literacy is a core competency for all HR professionals.
  • HR professionals don’t need to be statistical experts or data gurus to leverage available people data.
  • Using data to inform decision making leads to better outcomes for the organization.

Impact and Result

  • HR professionals will feel comfortable using tactics to interpret and communicate data.
  • Decisions about the workforce or HR programs will be better informed by available data.

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