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Train Managers to Influence Organizational Stakeholders

Today’s business environment is flatter and more agile than ever before. True power no longer resides in position, but in the ability to influence others.

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  • Positional power is not the panacea it was in the days of traditional, hierarchical organizations. Today’s flatter, agile, global structure requires leadership that motivates others to act.
  • Underdeveloped influence skills are common, despite their cost: difficulty getting buy-in for ideas or initiatives; project stalls and/or abandonment; lower employee engagement; and low scores on leader performance assessments such as 360 degree reviews and formal performance appraisals.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • McLean & Company’s Integrated Leadership Model, underpinned by incorporating influence into your leadership style, provides the theoretical and tactical baseline to influence organizational stakeholders.
  • Influence is far easier when you have taken the time to develop positive, trusting relationships with your organizational stakeholders using McLean & Company’s 3i Model of Trust.

Impact and Result

  • Leaders must be trained on the power of influence, trust, and how to distribute leadership and activate their networks.
  • Thorough training on influence will enable managers to realize greater work group efficiency and effectiveness, as well as easily translate into significant business outcomes

Research & Tools

2. Launch LMS training

Instill learning throughout the organization. Import an interactive eLearning module into your business’ existing learning management system.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

Call #1 - Train managers to effectively influence organizational stakeholders.

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Module 1: Influence Organizational Stakeholders

The Purpose

  • Train managers on their ability to influence others to achieve organizational goals.
  • Have managers practice influence tactics.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Improve influence-building skills with managers.




Review and customize the manager training deck and tools.

  • Customized manager training presentation and materials.

Facilitate influence training.

  • Facilitated training session.