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Train Managers to Effectively Resolve Conflicts

Use constructive conflict resolution to positively impact your organization.

  • Managers have reported spending on average 15% of their time, or six hours per week, dealing with conflicts, depending on the level of their organization.
  • This is a huge investment of time. The ability to surface interpersonal and team conflicts quickly and settle them effectively is necessary to improve efficiency and productivity levels.
  • When conflict is handled inappropriately, it impacts the organizational culture. It can interfere with positive work relationships, create stress, and polarize teams. It leads to increased absenteeism and turnover rates.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Conflict does not have to be negative. The presence of conflict in an organization can actually be a very positive thing – the ability to freely express opinions and openly debate can lead to better, more strategic decisions making.
  • Selecting the appropriate approach to managing the conflict is key to achieving a constructive resolution. There are five approaches to conflict, and each is appropriate for specific situations. Using the correct approach at the correct time is fundamental to successful resolution.

Impact and Result

  • Training on conflict resolution will enable managers to gain the skills they need to engage in conflict constructively and reach a resolution that benefits the team and organization.
  • Over half of employees who feel backstabbed are more likely to have low levels of productivity. When conflict is approached and resolved in a constructive manner, it can improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Framing conflicts as collaborations to find the best solution for the organization as a whole can help generate a number of possible solutions and enables organizations to be more strategic in selecting the best possible outcome.

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