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New Member Tools!
December 5, 2014

We have two new exciting tools that you can use as a member of McLean & Company: a Calendar of Events and our Product Catalog. These tools give you insight into what we are currently working on, and gives you the chance to plan your projects around new research and webinars.

First is our Calendar of Events. The calendar shows you all of the research we are working on and allows you to get involved in some of our exciting upcoming projects, including new research, webinars, and Vendor Landscapes. These are broken down into our research silos to make it easier to find the research you are looking for. Go ahead, check it out now!

Next is our Product Catalog:

This amazing catalog gives you an overview view of all of our content. You can download it and show it off to your colleagues or use it as a comprehensive index. Head there now and dive in

New Analyst Profiles
November 18, 2014

We now have a way for you to get more details about our Expert Analysts. It is a clean and simple layout that gives you a small glimpse into their background and allows you to connect with them via Social Media. You will also gain valuable information regarding our teams' certifications and skills and be able to reach out for more information. Below is a small sample of the page; head over there to see more information.

Speed and Visual Improvements
September 12, 2014

We have improved many visual aspects of the website. You will also notice the speed of the website has been improved. Go ahead and check it out!

McLean & Company Hall of Fame - Do you have what it takes?
July 18, 2014

We have a new program here at McLean & Company that you may be eligible for. Do you want to become an McLean & Company visionary.

Do you enjoy being recognized for participating in our research process? Are you an expert on one of our topics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you can speak with one of our analysts, share insights, and help guide our best-practice research. Find out more here.

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