Project Coordinator

About Saara Ricketts

Saara is a Project Coordinator with McLean & Company’s HR Diagnostics team. Saara’s primary focus is on the Employee Engagement program. She manages and coordinates the Engagement program for HR professionals from scoping to results delivery.

Saara graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce and a specialization in Business Management. Saara thrives in busy environments managing projects with strict deadlines. She enjoys talking to clients around the globe to foster a healthy client relationship and experience. Through her attentiveness, guidance, and support she has helped lead HR professionals to successful and invaluable Engagement surveys.

Outside of the workplace, Saara is keen on the social justice movement and giving back to her community. Through volunteering with her university’s Black Student groups, she wishes to help the next generation of graduates navigate and succeed after university studies.

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McLean & Company
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