Elysca Fernandes McLean & Co Analyst

Senior Analyst, HR Research & Advisory Services at McLean & Company

Elysca Fernandes is a Senior Consulting Analyst, HR Research and Advisory, with McLean & Company. She has a passion for talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion and international Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Policy.

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Elysca Fernandes is a Senior HR Research & Advisory Analyst with McLean & Company. She has a passion for Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion, International Human Resources and Industrial Relations and Policy, which she uses to create valuable insights in research and data analysis. Elysca’s areas of focus include Talent Acquisition, HR Technology, and Talent Assessment.

Prior to this role, Elysca worked in Talent Acquisition, staffing retail and technology roles and working on high-volume recruitment projects for clients across industries. She also has experience conducting research in organizational and social psychology and consulting in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Elysca holds a Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Toronto. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Honors Psychology with a concentration in Human Resources Management from the University of Waterloo where she focused on Organizational Psychology. She is a member of the Human Resources Professional Association and volunteers with the Peel Chapter's Mentoring Committee.


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