Executive Counselor

About Sally Cornet

Sally Cornet believes that at the core of a thriving, successful, inclusive workplace is a high-performing, data-driven, analytical HR team that is connected to the business, its leaders, and its employees.

Prior to joining McLean & Company Sally led Human Resources teams at iconic, high growth global retail, financial services, tech, and customer experience organizations known for world-class HR practices. Her empowered, strategic HR teams have been able to make significant contributions domestically and globally to business results by elevating leadership effectiveness, decreasing turnover, and increasing employee engagement. Sally led an HR structure, process, and technology transformation project at one company that provided support for a 75% headcount increase without adding HR headcount. A cultural transformation project at another company enabled a 39% reduction in employee turnover while boosting employee engagement and customer satisfaction results by 26%.

Sally holds an MBA from the University of Central Florida and a BSBA from the University of Wisconsin. She also holds a Senior Professional of HR certification and a Global Professional of HR certification.

She is a recipient of the “Excellence in HR Award” from South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, and her culturally transformational contributions at a prior company are highlighted in “The Amazement Revolution” book by Shep Hyken.

Sally is also active in the HR community, acting as a mentor and advisor for new HR professionals. Additionally, Sally has acted as an Adjunct Professor of human resources at Capella University and Nova Southeastern University.

Sally is pleased to bring this expertise to her role as Executive Counselor at McLean & Company, where she supports and guides CHROs to be strategic business partners in achieving organizational and professional success.