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McLean & Company provides HR professionals and their management teams with practical tools, research, diagnostics, and advisory through our data-driven membership program. Here is a collection of feedback from our members.


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On a day-to-day basis, we use our McLean & Company subscription to give us data that matters, that’s up to date, that we can then take and apply to what we’re doing.

—Rebecca Trevino, Centerstone of America Inc.

It’s the first place we go when we start a project. The research is already synthesised for us. The blueprints, the tools and templates are there for us to customize. We’ve also found the analyst calls very helpful, so we feel very much that McLean is a partner with us.

—Kimberley Rynn, Hamilton Health Sciences

I’ve got expert leadership at McLean that knows and understands organizations and knows and understands HR, so they’ve kind of become a confidant in a lot of ways. They spend enough time with me that they really understand who I am, they understand the organization, they remember my challenges, and they help me connect the dots.

—Sally Weber, Sentry Data Systems

By having the Analysts there to keep us organized and on track and with their knowledge, I felt the workshop was just spectacular and anyone who asks me about it I proudly tell them that it was worth every penny.

—Rachael Fehl, Caterpillar Inc.

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