HR Metrics & Analytics

Capturing the benefits of HR metrics and analytics is a goal for many HR leaders who aspire to become a more strategic HR department and realize the benefits of data driven decision making. This starts with collecting data, reporting key HR metrics, and creating engaging HR metrics dashboards, before capitalizing on digital transformation and leveraging workforce analytics and new artificial intelligence (AI) tools. All HR departments need to ensure they are compliant with relevant data privacy regulations and are making ethical use of data. Build the foundations for HR metrics and HR analytics by focusing on data governance, analytical capability, and data literacy. With these in place tracking and measuring strategic metrics becomes automatic enough that organizations can look to create an HR analytics strategy that ensures they are asking the right questions to solve business challenges, and investing in the right infrastructure, skillsets, and technology. McLean & Company offers our members practical, step-by-step blueprints, training, tools, templates, assessments, and surveys to help HR leaders make better use of data and improve their departments analytics capability. In addition, expert guidance and interactive workshops are also available across a range of topics to enhance and accelerate project completion.

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