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Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs

Demonstrate the value of HR programs including and beyond financial outcomes.

HR often struggles to quantify the value of its programs, which contributes to perceptions of HR as a cost center rather than an opportunity to invest in talent in support of organizational objectives.

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Critical Insight

The true value of an HR program exists beyond direct financial gain. Paired together, return on investment and value on investment provide a complete picture of an HR program’s impact and reveal the drivers behind visible financial outcomes.

Impact and Result

Measuring the value of HR programs enables HR to think strategically and prioritize investments for the greatest impact. This elevates HR’s role as a strategic partner by demonstrating the direct connection between talent investments and organizational objectives.

Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs Research & Tools

1. Prepare to measure ROI

Identify HR programs to evaluate and the associated outcomes, metrics, and timelines.

2. Evaluate program ROI

Measure the ROI of an HR program and interpret the results within the larger context.

3. Communicate and leverage ROI

Share the ROI results within the broader program VOI with relevant individuals.

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About McLean & Company

McLean & Company is an HR research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to human resources challenges via executable research, tools, diagnostics, and advisory services that have a clear and measurable impact on your business.

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Guided Implementation 1: Prepare to measure ROI
  • Call 1: Discuss project rationale and how to identify which HR programs warrant an ROI evaluation.
  • Call 2: Identify relevant constraints, strategic partnerships, and key individuals to involve in the ROI evaluation process.
  • Call 3: Select tangible and intangible outcomes and relevant metrics for a chosen HR program and identify timelines for data collection.

Guided Implementation 2: Evaluate program ROI
  • Call 1: Discuss approaches to evaluating ROI and VOI based on the organization’s data and analytics maturity.
  • Call 2: Identify program costs and how to calculate financial outcomes of the HR program.
  • Call 3: Review opportunities to leverage intangible outcomes to support ROI interpretation.

Guided Implementation 3: Communicate and leverage ROI
  • Call 1: Leverage a variety of McLean & Company resources to communicate ROI results to internal partners and consider change reactions.
  • Call 2: Determine next steps based on ROI insights.


  • Debra Corey, Human Resources Consultant, DebCo HR
  • Jessica Grossmeier, Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Grossmeier Consulting
  • Katharine Coons, National Senior Manager, Workplace Mental Health, Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Lisa Dodwell-Greaves, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Inspired HR