Performance Management

Traditional approaches to performance management (PM), such as feedback only once a year during the annual review, are ineffective in today’s increasingly fast-paced environment. While some organizations have moved toward a more agile approach that focuses on continuous goal setting and feedback without an annual review, research shows that this is not the cure-all to PM’s challenges either. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to PM. Modern PM involves customizing the following building blocks to best suit unique organizational needs: process, goal setting, competencies, feedback and coaching, crowd-sourced feedback (optional), and ratings (optional). Moreover, for some organizations it may be appropriate to customize these building blocks for team-based rather than individual-based PM (e.g. team goals vs. individual goals). It’s critical to ensure that the PM framework is aligned with other HR programs and to train managers to provide high-quality feedback and coaching to improve all aspects of performance management. McLean & Company offers our members practical, step-by-step project blueprints, training, tools, templates, assessments, and surveys to help HR leaders tailor PM so that it align with their organization’s context. In addition, expert guidance and interactive workshops are also available across a range of topics to enhance and accelerate project completion.


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