Performance Management - Tools & Templates

Performance Ratings Guide

Use this guide to review and select an appropriate performance performance rating scale option based on organizational needs.

Modern Performance Management Worksheet

Use this tool to work through decisions that will inform the new performance management framework.

Competency Framework Project Planning and Tracking Tool

Use this tool to document all necessary aspects when developing a competency framework, and track progress on each activity of your project.

Team-Based PM Guide

Use this guide to to introduce and support the team-based performance management framework within the organization.

Team-Based PM Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while completing the team-based performance management project.

Team-Based Total Rewards Job Aid

Use this job aid to align rewards and recognition to team-based performance management if this is within the project scope.

Microlearning: Practice Managing Employee Reactions to Poor Performance Conversations

This interactive microlearning module will equip managers with the skills to manage employee reactions to complex conversations about poor performance. It is intended...

LMS Download: Improve Poor Employee Performance

This interactive eLearning module will help managers identify the root causes for poor employee performance and devise strategies to address them at an early stage and in...

Microlearning: Goal Management Guide

Use this microlearning as just-in-time training to prepare for or debrief after goal management conversations.

Microlearning: Give Feedback

Providing constructive feedback can be a struggle. Use this microlearning as a guide to reinforce how you can effectively communicate constructive feedback and understand...
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