Performance Management - Tools & Templates

Coach Employees for High Performance & Development Participant Handbook

Use this guide as a handy reference tool for managers which covers the pertinent information presented during the coaching training session.

Coaching Role Play Scenarios

Use these role play scenarios during manager training on coaching to supplement the training content and give managers the opportunity to put their learning into action.

Coaching Self-Assessment

Use this tool to enable managers to assess their current coaching ability and their skills over time as they begin to practice what they've learned.

Competency Framework Project Planning and Tracking Tool

Use this tool to document all necessary aspects when developing a competency framework, and track progress on each activity of your project.

Modern Performance Appraisal Check-In Meeting Guide

Use the Modern PA Check-In Meeting Guide as an easy to read reference document for managers and employees as they conduct their check-in meetings using the modern PA...

Authority Matrix

The Authority Matrix template can be used by managers to provide basic guidelines around decision-making boundaries. It ensures employees understand what is in and what...

Move Toward Neuro-Friendly HR Practices Infographic

Use this infographic to ensure your HR practices are increasingly and consistently neuro-friendly.

Participant Training Session Evaluation

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical for helping determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement. This...

Employee Performance Measures Template

The Employee Performance Measures Template provides an all-in-one tool for tracking your departmental goals, employee performance measures, reporting requirements, and...

Upward Feedback Template

The goal of this tool is to aid in 360-degree management evaluation. This specific tool is designed for the evaluation of management and supervisory staff by their...
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