Change Management

Internal Communications Plan

Use this tool to document how you plan to communicate the details of your leadership development program to all target audiences. This tool will help you organize the...

Neuroscience and HR

Adopt neuroscience-based HR practices to decrease workplace threat responses and increase positive reward responses, leading to increased employee engagement, innovation,...
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Neuroscience and HR Storyboard

Neuroscience provides hard evidence for the importance of soft skills in HR. Use it to show stakeholders how people practices affect the bottom line.

Move Toward Neuro-Friendly HR Practices Infographic

Use this infographic to ensure your HR practices are increasingly and consistently neuro-friendly.

Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization Through Change

Effective change management is a critical capability as change is occurring with increasing speed and regularity. HR must step into the role of a change facilitator to...
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Change Impact Assessment

Understanding the impact of change is a critical component of developing an action plan which incorporates the people effect of change. Ensure that your organization...

Storyboard: Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization Through Change

Organizations struggle with change. HR has the natural capabilities and position to take on the role of a change facilitator to guide an organization through change. Use...

Change Management Competencies Assessment

Many organizations discount the value of change management competencies. Take the time to understand your organization's change management capability both pre- and...

Change Management Project Charter Template

A project charter outlines the intended direction of the project and subsequent change. Secondly, it ensures that all participants are aligned, and thirdly prevents scope...

Change Management Metric Tracking Tool

Track the appropriate metrics to understand the impact and progress of change. These metrics can be used to establish success and measure the benefits of change.
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