Change Management - Tools & Templates

Learning in Action: Equip Managers to Navigate the Change Management Process

Use this learning in action sheet to reinforce key points from the change management process training deck.

Handbook: Equip Managers to Navigate the Change Management Process

Use this handbook to guide learners through the change management process training.

Employee Resilience Workbook

Use this workbook to capture insights, themes and needs from data analysis and document the resilience techniques selected for implementation in the organization.

Resilience Techniques Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand resilience reinforcement options to build out a portfolio of techniques.

Case Studies: Develop a Resilient Workforce

Refer to these case studies for examples of organizations who have undertaken resilience building efforts.

HR Resilience Interview Guide

Use this guide to conduct one-on-one interviews with HR practitioners and uncover how resilience needs differ for HR.

Employee Resilience Questions

Use this template for recommended questions to use in a resilience behaviors questionnaire.

Sustainment Components Catalog

Use this catalog to explore tactics for implementing the core and supplementary sustainment components.

Project Level Assessment and Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to assess risk and complexity of projects and prioritize them.

List of Change Management Projects

Use this tool to provide a high-level overview and tracking of all the change projects in progress within the organization.
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