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Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

Competency frameworks are an integral part of many HR functions such as performance management, employee development, identification of future leaders, and talent...
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Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio

Robust policies are crucial to all HR functions – well-managed policies keep things running smoothly. However, mismanaged policies result in significant monetary costs,...
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Implement Curated Learning

Learning drives organizational success by developing employees with the skills they need to be productive and engaged in their roles. Implement curated learning to supply...
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Develop the Leadership Skills of Your Middle Managers

Middle managers are critical to organizational success. Effective middle management is positively linked with employee engagement, performance, trust and inspiration, and...
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Train Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

Virtual work arrangements are increasing and in many organizations having virtual team members is business as usual.
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Unleash HR Capabilities

Organizations that had highly effective HR departments were more likely to achieve their organizational goals (McLean & Company, Trends Survey 2017, N=720). However, only...
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Develop a Workforce Plan to Address Talent Needs

Talent is critical to executing on organizational objectives and driving success; however, 75% of leaders report that talent shortfalls have prevented them from meeting...
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Implement a Job Rotation Program

Employees want more development and career opportunities, while organizations need to identify qualified candidates to fill key vacancies as they arise. Job rotation...
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Modernize Performance Management

The traditional approach to performance management (PM) is ineffective in today’s increasingly fast-paced business world, but agile does not work for everyone. Adopt a...
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Equip Managers to Conduct Effective Pay Conversations

Compensation conversations can have a profound impact on employee engagement and retention. Educate managers so that they are able to effectively communicate the...
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