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Create an Internal Talent Mobility Playbook

Organizations are facing increasing skill shortages due to shifting demographics, new technologies, and evolving industries. Failure to prioritize “build over buy” in the...
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Take an Educated Approach to Developing a Learning Management System Strategy

HR professionals and application managers leverage an LMS to foster a learning culture at their organization. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the need...
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Master Social Media for HR

Candidates are now highly informed consumers who use social media to learn about the organization and its culture. HR needs to actively participate in social media to...
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Neuroscience and HR

Adopt neuroscience-based HR practices to decrease workplace threat responses and increase positive reward responses, leading to increased employee engagement, innovation,...
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Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy

Organizations expect HR to shift from administrative to strategic to unlock human capital and drive business value. Through the use of HR technology, HR is better...
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Train Managers to Coach Employees for High Performance and Development

Organizations are more likely to be in decline when managers use command & control style leadership (Worall et al.). Leaders need to shift to influence to drive employee...
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Design the Employee Experience

Similar to their customer experiences, employees want an overall employee experience that fits more seamlessly into their lives. Organizations not only have to compete...
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Develop Key Competencies to Excel as a Strategic Business Partner

HR is increasingly called upon to be a strategic business partner, yet it often struggles to think and act strategically. There is a lingering perception of HR as a...
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2018 HR Trends Report

Use McLean & Company’s 2018 HR Trends Report to discover new and exciting practices, reveal top priorities, and identify areas of improvement and strength.
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Train Managers on Competency-Based Selection and Interviewing Skills

Bad hires are common and costly. Talent acquisition specialists know that competency-based interviews can help reduce the incidence of bad hires; however, their hiring...
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