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Build an Effective Stakeholder Management Strategy

Stakeholder management is the first step in developing a people strategy that impacts organizational outcomes. In order to build an effective stakeholder management...
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Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Organizations struggle to increase innovation at the necessary pace of change and need employees to be able to continuously learn and grow. Enable and support employees...
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Select and Implement an HR Information System

Follow a structured, accelerated approach to launch your HRIS project, filling in knowledge gaps in an organized way that prepares your organization to make an informed...
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Optimize Your Span of Control

Contrary to popular belief, widening the span of control by reducing the number of managers does not always correlate to cost savings. There is no magic number when it...
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Develop an Integrated People Strategy

Develop an integrated people strategy to drive organizational goals and create an HR department seen as effective across all functions. It’s not just about aligning the...
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Train Managers to Negotiate

Approaching negotiations without a negotiation framework leads to poor outcomes at the organizational and individual level, causing costs to add up at a rapid pace. Train...
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Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Employee Talent

Talent assessment is vital to the success of talent programs such as succession planning, high potential identification, and leadership development. Build and implement a...
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Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The traditional performance appraisal has been proven to be inflexible, demotivating, and lacking in performance driving power. Modernize the performance appraisal to...
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Create and Leverage a Skills Inventory

A lack of awareness around the existing skills of the workforce and the key skills required to meet organizational objectives makes it difficult to combat projected...
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Demystify Engagement Data

Engagement data is only one part of the story; examining data in isolation makes identifying key opportunities unlikely. Informed action through insights is essential to...
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