CHRO Roundtable: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Wednesday, October 28 @ 1:00PM EST

We are excited to welcome a distinguished panel of senior human resources executives to share their experiences so far on their organizational DEI journeys, how they foresee the future of their DEI initiatives, and answer any of those burning questions you may have.

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Plan to Support Remote Work

Working from home will not be optional during a pandemic, and HR needs to be able to support hundreds or thousands of remote workers. Equip managers and employees with information and guidance to set them up for success and address key implementation issues and cultural barriers.

Enable the Organization to Manage the Pace of Change and Complexity Associated With the Pandemic

Change may be complex but change management doesn’t have to be. Simplify complex changes associated with your pandemic and business continuity plans by breaking them down into manageable milestones.

Don’t Forget Engagement!

In times of uncertainty, managers play a more important role than ever in employee engagement. Sharing the rationale of decisions made, especially senior leader decisions, will be key. Guide managers to leverage McLean & Company’s 3i model: Inform, Interact, Involve, to maintain and improve engagement.