Retain Talent by Mastering the Compensation Discussion

Mother always said: don't talk about religion, politics, or how much you make. Let's prove Mom wrong.


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Your Challenge

  • Direct reports will ask their manager about their compensation.
  • Managers will fail at these discussions if they don’t have all the information they need to satisfy their direct reports.
  • Failing at these discussions leads to confusion, rumors, anger and escalating employees to flight-risk status.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Every discussion about compensation must have the correct level of formality, transparency and consistency.
  • Including these elements makes every discussion about compensation successful and builds trust between the employee and the organization through their manager.
  • Without formality, transparency and consistency compensation will become a misunderstood point of contention for all within your organization.

Impact and Result

  • Refocus and retain your direct reports by balancing their perspective of your organization’s compensation policy.

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  1. Create a balanced perspective of compensation

    Refocus and retain direct reports.

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