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Train Raters on the 360 Feedback Process

Introduce raters and ratees to the 360 feedback process and equip them with the skills to provide and act on feedback.

  • Poor feedback skills result in raters providing feedback that is vague and inaccurate and ratees being unable to interpret and respond to the feedback effectively.
  • Lack of follow-through by ratees negates the purpose of the process, making the entire assessment a waste of time and resources.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Providing feedback can be uncomfortable. However, by equipping raters and ratees with an understanding of the purpose, the process, and how to provide effective feedback, you can turn the 360 feedback survey into a powerful development tool.

Impact and Result

  • Understand the process that underpins a 360 feedback survey to allow for more effective competency selection, rating assignment, and relationship development.
  • Ensure ratees and raters have the opportunity for targeted learning and development and receive the support they need to integrate feedback.
  • 360 feedback presents the opportunity to gather different perspectives, improve self-awareness, minimize bias, and empower employees.

Train Raters on the 360 Feedback Process Research & Tools

1. Train Raters on the 360 Feedback Process

Become familiar with the 360 feedback process be able to give effective feedback.

2. Train Ratees on 360 Feedback Process

Introduce employees to the 360 feedback process and help them receive effective feedback.

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