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What It Means to Become a Skills-Based Organization

Cut through the noise and find clarity on your organization’s path forward.

What is it?

  • A pure skills-based organization makes all talent decisions through the lens of skills and skills intelligence, which is the ability to identify, grow, and leverage skills at the individual and organizational level. This operating model is inherently agile and can pivot to address change quickly and effectively.
  • A pure skills-based organization currently exists as a theory, not as a reality. The enticing promise of a skills-based organization masks the obstacles to this transformation.

Why does it matter?

  • HR leaders are influential decision-makers regarding the feasibility, appropriateness, and scope of a skills-based transformation.
  • Their strategic interpretation of the sensationalized promise of skills enables organizations to translate the noise into realistic opportunities for the organization.
  • Moving along the skills-based spectrum is an intentional decision. In order to visualize the future, organizations need to uncover the work that needs to be done before beginning this transformation.

What It Means to Become a Skills-Based Organization Resources

This research will help you:

• Understand what a skills-based organization looks like
• Understand the draws and drawbacks
• Recognize the obstacles to transformation
• Visualize the future

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