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Succeed as a CHRO With a Leadership Development Program

Take ownership of your development to lead your organization into tomorrow.

  • Many CHROs are unprepared for the increasing demands and complexity of the role. If CHROs don’t prioritize their own development to meet expectations and support their organization, they risk falling behind.
  • However, it is often difficult for CHROs to find time in their busy schedules, overcome feelings of vulnerability, and/or adopt a dynamic learning mindset. These barriers often prevent CHROs from prioritizing their own leadership development.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • In an environment of constant disruption, HR leaders require key CHRO competencies to support their organizations.
  • A planful approach is required to keep personal leadership development off the backburner and help the organization navigate change and succeed.

Impact and Result

  • Adopt a planful approach to creating a professional development plan to overcome common barriers. Scheduling time for development, aligning with organizational strategy, and owning personal growth are key to prioritizing and following through on your development.
  • Build a customized HR executive training plan to focus your development on key competencies that will support your success and maximize impact on your organization.

Succeed as a CHRO With a Leadership Development Program Research & Tools

2. Create your CHRO development plan

Identify development opportunities and build a development plan.

3. Implement and plan for continuous development

Become accountable for development plans, assess effectiveness, and continually update the plan.

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What Is a Blueprint?

A blueprint is designed to be a roadmap, containing a methodology and the tools and templates you need to solve your HR problems.

Each blueprint can be accompanied by a Guided Implementation that provides you access to our world-class analysts to help you get through the project.

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Get the help you need in this 3-phase advisory process. You'll receive 4 touchpoints with our researchers, all included in your membership.

Guided Implementation #1 - Identify your development priorities
  • Call #1 - Discuss how to prioritize competencies for development based on organizational and personal needs.
  • Call #2 - Examine what’s needed to create the personal 360-degree feedback survey and advice on how to review the results.

Guided Implementation #2 - Create your CHRO development plan
  • Call #1 - Discuss how to select development activities and build overall development plan.

Guided Implementation #3 - Implement and plan for continuous development
  • Call #1 - Discuss how to maintain accountability, assess effectiveness, and continually update the development plan.


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  • Melissa Austin – CHRO, Impact Fulfillment Services
  • Bob Bale – President, Wildland Restoration International
  • Kristy Blackman – Former VP, HR, The Lange Construction Corporation
  • Jennifer Bledsoe – VP of Operations, Meyer Corporation
  • Scott Bohannon – Former CEO, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Maryjo Charbonnier – CHRO, Wolters Kluwer
  • Paula Conrad – Coaching Practitioner, Paula Conrad Coaching
  • Lisa Fain – CEO, Center for Mentoring Excellence
  • Dawn Frail – President, Eagle Vision leadership Development Group
  • Bill Goggin – Director, Diploma in Adult Education, St. Francis Xavier University
  • John Hannah – Former SVP & CHRO, Purolator
  • Billie Hartless – CHRO, Mitel
  • John Lucas – Principal Consulting Partner, True North Human Capital Consulting, LCC
  • Jackie Meagher – Former VP of HR, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Michelle Nasser – International Executive Coach, Michelle Nasser Group Intl.
  • Liza Provenzano – Principal, SparkHR
  • Drew Railton – Managing Partner, Caldwell Partners
  • Scott Slipy – CHRO,
  • Ronald Thomas – Former CEO, Great Places to Work Gulf
  • Eileen Timmins – President and Founder, Aingilin
  • Mardi Walker – Executive Counselor, McLean & Company
  • Mary-Alice Vuicic – Former EVP HR & Labour Relations, Loblaw Companies Limited
  • Shelley Zane – Former President, Leaderz Matter Consulting